Statement on Afghanistan Women Judges

Assisting the Resettlement of Afghanistan’s Women Judges and Other Vulnerable Justice System Refugees

Following the rise of the Taliban led government in Afghanistan in 2021, more than 270 women lost their positions as judges.  Many vulnerable Afghan citizens --  men and women -- who had worked to establish the rule of law and improve that country’s justice system were also subject to reprisals for their work.  As a result, many judges, prosecutors and other justice sector participants had to flee and are now in the United States.

The Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ), comprised of the leaders of the United States state and territorial justice systems, is committed to fostering fair, independent, and transparent justice systems around the world as the foundation of peaceful, vibrant, and democratic societies governed by the rule of law.  In furtherance of that goal, CCJ has created an Afghan Justice Sector Clearinghouse in partnership with the National Center for State Courts. This clearinghouse will help facilitate the resettlement of these Afghan women judges and others involved in promoting fairer justice system by assisting them in locating suitable employment opportunities within the state and territorial courts.  Refugees with judicial and court experience and English speaking capabilities interested in exploring employment opportunities in the state courts can obtain additional information by contacting Isabelle Schrank.