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President of Conference of Chief Justices Maureen O'Connor is the 10th Chief Justice and the first woman in Ohio history to lead the Ohio judicial branch. Since she took office in 2011, Chief Justice O'Connor has led significant reforms and improvements in the Ohio judicial system, including cutting the Ohio Supreme Court budget, establishing a task force to examine court funding statewide, creating a committee to examine the administration of the death penalty, and proposing improvements to strengthen judicial elections in Ohio.

President-Elect of Conference of Chief Justices Paul Reiber served in the private practice of law in Rutland, Vermont and as a partner in the law firm Kenlan, Schweibert & Facey from 1986 until his appointment as an Associate Justice by Governor James Douglas in October, 2003. He was sworn in as Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court by Governor Douglas on December 17, 2004.

First Vice-President of Conference of Chief Justices  Chief Justice of Iowa Mark Cady, Ft. Dodge, was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1998 and was named Chief Justice in 2011.  His current term expires December 31, 2024.  Elected Chief Judge, Iowa Court of Appeals, 1997.  Appointed:  Iowa Court of Appeals, 1994; District Court Judge, 1986; District Associate Judge, 1983; Assistant Webster County Attorney.

Second Vice-President of Conference of Chief Justices  Craig Stowers was appointed to the Alaska Supreme Court by Governor Sean Parnell on December 2, 2009. He was retained for a 10-year term in the November 2014 general election and elected to a 3-year term as Chief Justice in June 2015.

Immediate Past President of the Conference of Chief Justices John Minton, Jr. became Chief Justice of Kentucky in 2008 as the recession plunged Kentucky into economic crisis. Minton made a commitment to invest in the people who operate the courts and in technology to reduce costs and improve service. His efforts have produced a stronger, leaner court system that's poised to overall the salary structure of the judicial branch for the first time in decades. Under his leadership, the Administrative Office of the Courts streamlined its organizational structure and trimmed costs at all levels of the court system.

Honorable Don Beatty 
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of South Carolina

Honorable Roger S. Burdick
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Idaho

Honorable Janet DiFiore
Chief Judge
Court of Appeals of New York

Honorable Matthew B. Durrant
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Utah

Honorable Ralph D. Gants
Chief Justice
Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

Honorable Jorge Labarga
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Florida

Honorable Donald W. Lemons
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Virginia

Honorable Chase T. Rogers
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Connecticut

Honorable Loretta H. Rush 
Chief Justice
Supreme Court of Indiana